We have successfully completed our first motorcycle tour of an island. All the way round Mindoro. Despite the occasional minor (and usually stationary) fall, we navigate the 550ms in good spirits. The highlight would have to be the travelling piano salesman. I really wish we got some photos of those guys strolling down the highway […]


Julz has always called me a people watcher, but I think i’m more of a people basker.  I’ve always loved being among people, participating or not as I pleased.  Nursing was a great way to fulfil this craving. Standing in the middle of a busy ward in the between shifts time, listening to the hustle […]

Pandan island

Well, i think we found the beach. 7 months of being off the beaten track lead us to Pandan island. One island. One resort. Completely surrounded by coral reef. Don the fins and snorkel, enter the water, kick three times and lose yourself in another world. I swam with a giant green sea turtle of […]

Beach ruins at dusk

Transport here can be quite a pain. For example, a hungover bus driver can mean no bus for the day. But my biggest gripe is watching interesting things go by the window. The motorbike has changed that. We plan to stop whenever we want to see something off the beaten path. This evening it was […]

Dragonfly Tempura

We got taught by the local bushmen that these winged beasties are indeed edible. They eat them grilled, but I decided to go one better and try them tempura style. I watched Myles eat four of them in under ten seconds. Masarap (yummy)! The next post shows us cooking em!

Anting Anting

Magic or Anting Anting run in the family down my Filipino grandmothers line.  I recently found out about her father who was apparently a very powerful witch doctor.  There were numerous  times during the Japanese invasion that his magic helped him and his family escape disasters. Such as when he hid behind a single bamboo […]