Good Morning

we’re stuck in the city because of flooding, staying at my Nanay’s (Grandma’s) house.  Her house isn’t finished yet, there is no water and no electricity, should make us feel right at home, but  ‘there is no place like home’. The sun on my face wakes me up, i crawl out of bed and sneak […]

Winning Days

Since we got here, and also before we left, I felt significant pressure to achieve something with our trip. It was a difficult feeling to pin down. I felt that if we came home too early, or if we didn’t end up doing much of what we said we would do, then people would laugh […]

July Photos

So we have had Anna and Yen come to visit so far. It was so lovely enjoying some familiar conversation. I’m currently stranded in the city due to flooding and itching to get back home… Meanwhile, here is the July to date: I believe Myles has just discovered one of the true fine pleasures of […]

Photo backlog from June!

Finally bought an SD adapter card that lets me use my camera memory anywhere. By the way, anyone who wants to visit our tour the Philippines with us, start contacting us. We are fit, settled and happy to accommodation anyone who wants a week or two in the mountains. We’ll pick you up from manila and bring you trouble free to […]

yeah, more bullet points

hi all no photo’s again, sort of had to leave the house in a rush, don’t worry, its nothing that a week of metronidazole can’t fix. anyway, its been great having julz’ sister Anna in town, looking forward to taking her to our little part of the country in a few hours.  things that i’m […]