No photos today.

No photos today, just think I’ll drop a few words. Maybe in bullet points.Things that have made me think: “I must tell everyone back home bout this!” It is very difficult at times, to work out if you are dealing with a difficulty caused by cultural difference, small town cultural difference or garden variety pigheadedness. […]

This is the rest of the April Photos

Roxy weaving her babies (chickens) a nest. Myles and mummy chomping fish. Myles and mummy chomping mangoes. Yum! A big storm coming in from Modor. Don’t photo meeeee!!!!!!! I need to chop wood now Making coconut milk with dad Gotta keep my ‘sharp thing’ sharp! We cut Myles hair while he slept. I asked him about […]

Early April

Been a while since we were in town! Here are the highlights from this month:  Myles finds a mole cricket. We look it up in Sir David’s book the next day. Myles was picking the ‘talboss’ leaves with his great grandma, Nanay.  Myles and his pet fish, Misery. All in a days work… A responsible […]