Misc Photos

Before I leave, I’m just posting all the other photos i couldn’t really categorize. Leave us a message and I promise to reply next time (in a few weeks). My little man picking mushrooms with us. Home sweet home Beer comes in 1L bottles only. It is 6.9%.  It costs 55p ($1.15 AUD) I love […]

Our foraging adventures

We are living on around 3 or 4 bucks a week when we’re out in the bush. All of the veges grow themselves.  You don’t have to walk far either. This is the best of the local fare: This is a bale of chaff from the rice harvest less than 5m from our kitchen Peel […]

We’re back!

The morning view Walking down the rice dykes Hi everybody!Sorry for being away for so long! It was just so much fun we didn’t want to come back to the city. Our farm is 3 hours off road from civilization, so we try to limit our trips (they are long and bumpy!) I’m going to let the photos […]

Sir David would be proud!

In the middle of sterile, bug sprayed singapore, we found an genuine marvel of the microcosmos!We had interupted the construction of a mud cocoon. Carefully breaking it open, we found green caterpillars in various degrees of well being. There was also a larvae of another insect, a wasp. Apparently, the wasp lays each egg in […]