singapore zoo

hey all just a quick post on a trip to Singapore Zoo that Myles and I did while julz was in Thailand. We had a blast, but it was a huge day. the kimodo dragon eating a whole lamb leg, string and all. myles spent most of the show flirting with the pretty girl next […]


Even with a 2 week side trip, 6 weeks in Singapore is 6 weeks too long.I hate this city. I hate the sameness, the sterility. It feels like a giant shopping mall, nothing to do unless you want to spend money. Everyone lives in a box. A very small one. For a place this compact […]

we are at the Orphanage

we’re here! its not quite what i imagined, i have to admit when i think about an orphan i think about a little kid in rags who needs lots of help, but instead i find that the children are very happy, very healthy and don’t look like they lack for anything. Gai (the lovely lady […]

Silly Singapore

Just the silly things I’ve seen and done. When you have to budget in a foreign currency, it can be confusing. Our new payroll system entails the use of a glue stick, a calendar and some money. So far so good. Combine with essence of chicken for a tasty super hero: CHICKEN-MAN! I did not […]