just a day in a new life

having breakfast by the pool, something we do pretty much every morning, poached eggs on toast or rice, while myles runs around having a blast and getting his feet wet. these are the chicos that i couldn’t walk past. when i couldn’t find any that were ripe i have to admit that i wailed! the […]

A dark side of Singapore

Have been hearing some heartbreaking stories of maid abuse. Not from reports, but first hand. There is a second class citizen population subjected to some appalling working conditions. “I had a friend on the second floor. I was working on the third floor.  During morning and lunch, I didn’t get anything to eat.  My friend […]

Fishing in Singapore (Its just like Zelda!)

There is a pond near our house that is pretty similar to the one in Mt Coo-tha botanical gardens and you can fish there (for a price)! This miserable fish was sunburnt! With the population of Singapore being so high, intensive living leads to intensive recreational fishing. Essentially there are subdivided ponds ranging from very large (1 acre) […]

safe and sound

just wanted to let everyone know that we have arrived in singapore, got here in the wee hours of the morning, knocking on random strangers doors because i had forgetten that mum had moved within her apartment complex, walked through the door to find a note from my sister to ‘please wake her up with […]


So the banks have been notified, our real estate agent is now dealing with our problem tenants, our accountant is now up to date on our finances, the car has been sold, ALL the furniture is gone, the last rent has been paid, the last day has been worked (by me), all the meds have […]