Life Stories

Earlier this year I was invited to be trained as a positive role model with a hearing impairment. I was quite chuffed! It turned out to be one of the deepest learning experiences I have ever undertaken. I heard stories from 7 other individuals, from all walks of life, with various types of deafness or […]

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward to: Lying in a hammock after eating 2 coconuts, contentment. Feeling that exhausted satisfaction that can only come from a good days hard work. Looking out over a healthy rice field that I have helped to create. Feeding myself and my family with a meal that we have grown completely. Showing Myles […]


Been doing a lot of reading lately. Mostly on sustainable agriculture. What would happen if all the smart uni graduates became farmers? From what I understand, the majority of farmers follow a monoculture (one giant crop) method of farming. This situation rarely happens in nature. Usually you have all sorts of different species, flora and […]