How to deal with nagging doubts…

Obviously there are moments, fleeting moments, where I think perhaps we are crazy.Then I saw this picture today: I’m going to build an house with my two hands, put a roof over my loved ones. And that house will be our home.You may question the structural viability of the shack in question. As do I […]


Here is my gorgeous okra, this is one of my favorite veggies and this is the first one we have eaten out of our garden. I made a ginger chicken soup and put in this okra as well as some of our beans and bok choy. Okra is hard to find at the best of […]

The Filo Party

We all went to a Filipino party tonight, I was looking forward to it because Myles is now old enough to enjoy playing with other kids so in essence this was to be his first real Filipino party. As a child I went to many many many Filo parties and I have extremely fond memories […]

Projects for the new world

Duck-Rice-Tilapia-Azolla-Duckweed farming. Once we get the handle on farming a lowland paddy for a few seasons, I’m pretty keen to start experimenting with ducks rice and fish. Apparently introducing ducks to the paddies is mutually beneficial if you do it at the right time and age, the ducks eat all the weeds for food! You […]

Things I will miss from Brisbane.

 Australian accents (and Scottish ones)  Being able to research anything on the internet. Although I am looking forward to asking people how to do things again. When’s the last time you had a friend over to help you fix something?  Books and bookstores  Family and friends  Conversations in English  I think the food will be […]

Reasons we are leaving Brisbane

I thought some bullet points would make it easier to convey why we are skipping town: I was informed that I would need to schedule a play date if Myles wanted to play in the yard of the neighbour directly opposite our house. This conversation was taking place over the fence as we held our respective children. […]

Book Drive

One of Roxy’s lovely ideas was to start a library when we get to Calapan.The plan is to has a depot of kids books that we rotate through the schools.It really upset me last time I was there when I realized my in laws had zero reading material. A house with no books anywhere just […]